Trippin' Bio

Trippin' Hardie is an eclectic 2 piece acoustic project that began in February of 2016 in Sylva North Carolina.  Founding members are Tim Triplett and Bryan Hardie.  Out of the box thinking was the direction instantly with the vision of doing something different.  With a combined eclectic set of influences, Trippin' Hardie entertains people of all ages with mystical originals and unique interpretations of 70's music to the present.  Some crowd favorites are: Snoop Dogg, The Police, The Weekend, Stevie Wonder, Run DMC, The Commodores, Destiny's Child and Michael Jackson to name a few.... "Don't miss this band! They will entertain you with their talent, sense of humor and musical creativity... Two bald men in their 40's playing Snoop Dogg with harmonica made my month!”  -  Rob H - Poison Warm up Show - May 2017 - Harrah's Casino - Cherokee NC

Our approach to songwriting is very dynamic, emotionally vibrant and atmospheric.  Lyrically we focus on subtle every day life circumstances to thought provoking ideals and situations. 
As individual members, Trippin' Hardie has written and provided instrumental music for a very eclectic group of professionals over the last 15 years.  Some of these clients are:  Lake Shore Productions, Surfer Magazine, Head Pop Studios, The Arizona Diamondbacks, Fox Sports News and Bally Gaming Technologies.  All song instrumentation was recorded at 401 B Studios and all tracks were performed by Trippin' Hardie.